Interesting things happening in Georgia.

GOP faces electoral conundrum in Georgia, new poll suggests;uh_test=1_04

It seems as of the moment, Republican candidates that back Trump would win the GOP primaries, but lose the independent vote and the election. Candidates that opposed Trump would win the independent vote and the general, but wouldn't have a chance to get that far losing in the primaries. All subject to change in the future.

Now interesting change from when Trump was president to now with Biden as president among independents and impeachment. 57% of Georgia independents were in favor of the House's impeachment while Trump was president, that dropped to just 33.7% of independents today. 64.4% oppose the impeachment today. Indies wanted Trump gone, he's gone so they don't really care what happens in the trial.

Now I wonder if that pertains or trend is nationwide? Among independents, not the avid pro and anti Trumpers, Democrats and Republicans.

Two things here, while Trump was president 57% of all Americans thought he should be convicted and removed from office. Today with Trump gone and Biden president that is down to 51% who think Trump should be convicted. Independents are also dropping. Whereas when Trump was president 55% of independents favored conviction and removal. Today 42% favor convictions, 43% do not, 15% don't care, Trump is gone.

One last thing, Biden's job approval, it's early, doesn't mean much but 51% approve, 44% disapprove. Among independents who decide elections 44% approve, 33% disapprove, 23% not sure.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.