About 4 hours post-Moderna vaccine, and I can't feel any side effects at all. My injection site feels a bit warm to the touch. But no pain at all, no headache, no fever, nothing. Got my booster shot scheduled. Yee Haw!

I went to a drive-in supersite, run by UCSD Medical Center in downtown San Diego. Lots of people in cars in line on the streets, but my brother-in-law told me he walked in and got served immediately. So that's what we did, too. Parked on the street for free, walked about two city blocks, and got to their pedestrian vaccine entrance. No waiting at all! I showed my appointment document and license, then got sent to the nurse for the injection. 15 minutes in the observation area, and off we went. We did talk with the observation attendant for a bit: She's a UCSD professor & MD doing research on pregnant women and vaccines.