Age - I am not sure there is anything you can do. They advertise stuff to fix memory (forget the name <sigh>) but if you check it out you find it doesn't work (even though the ads always include somebody that says it does).

I am not to the forget my own name yet but I am getting there. I take fish oil pills which may help (the only thing that some papers suggest might help). The good thing is the computer. You can always figure out a question which will supply an answer.

The frustration is in the simple fact that you know the answer and can't say or write it. Some of it is speech aphasia and its a genuine pain. Comes under the heading of "When you consider the alternative ...."

There is also one other problem. The Wife thing. When you start asking them to tell you things you are supposed to know they are kindly and just do it. Over time, however, mine tends to try and force me to remember the answer. That doesn't work, she doesn't get it, etc. That used to bother me but I got over it and I just let her natter on. The bad thing is that I also tend to not listen to her after a bit which bring a whole new thing.

It all falls under the heading of "sh*t happens" I think....