My wife an I are getting our first shots on Valentine's day, better presents than flowers and candy! I would have preferred Groundhog's day, but now every day is pretty much Groundhog's day, except for special occasions, like this Thursday, that breaks the tedious routine by being trash/recycling day! It's a double batch since we didn't even generate enough to make a trip to the curb meaningful last week.
Got a foot or so of snow, but that's no biggie here.
I have to look up the Golden Snowball contest standings, a contest every year between Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse to see who got the most snow. Buffalo beat us last year, but we kept through trophy here a d they are pissed! Take that Buffalo! Probably just another Covid related tragedy!
Stay bored!

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit