I used to blame it all on memory but that is no longer the case. Another problem is dealing with more than one thing and THAT is a problem. As you grow older your attention span is shorter and you are more easily distracted. When that happens you really haven't lost the word so much as the whole damned subject! If you find yourself saying things like; "What were we talking about?", etc. its time to think on what you just said in a bit more detail.

I can remember balancing more than 5 or 6 subjects, or more, at a time with no problem at all. Now, any interruption causes problems. People have sometimes think that I am not paying attention to them and they would be right. I am currently in that stage where its one thing at a time or whatever gets screwed up. The trick is, basically, to stick to one thing at a time and then you will have less problems with 'memory' as sometimes it was never a memory problem in the first place.


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