Unfortunately I cant grow heirlooms here, as I have a terrible problem with Fusarium fungus that takes out anything but hybrids with Fusarium resistance. It can take out a 4x8 raised bed of basil in a day. I fight the fungus by trying to tilt the biome with supplements of filamentous bacteria actinomycetes that is commercially available, which helps, but Fusarium resistant basil and tomatoes are insurance.
I will give the fried tomatoes another try with the air fry method, and what sound like standard breading but with Panko.
We had a hot dry summer and the tomatoes were very sweet, and not quite acid enough for my taste. In season everything gets a slab or two of tomatoes. It sounds hippy dippy but I liberally dust the tomato slabs with dry flake nutritional yeast, that provides a hearty umami boost All takeout Chinese, Thai etc need a dash of MSG no that they have eliminated it due to bad science!
So take that, and soos UMAMI

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