The sound of Maxwell's hammer playing, brought up this parody song, that all who had to deal with Maxwells equations in Physics classes, so long ago. It still give me a PTSD reaction!

Maxwell's Equations (of which there are four) deal with the behavior of electric and magnetic fields. If you study certain college curricula, you might have to learn them. Tesla is a unit of magnetic field strength (if I remember correctly) named after the scientist Nicola Tesla, not to be confused with the band of that name.

Maxwell's Equations

I was quizzical, studied quantum physical
Science at my school
Late nights all alone with my physics boo-oo-oo-ook
As I study here, to become an engineer
Friends call on the phone
Want me to come out, but I tell them no-oh-oh-oh
And as I say goodbye to my friends
I know what I must do

Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
I shove into my head
Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
My social life is dead

Back in class again hoping just to pass again
We all take our seats
Listening to what the professor say-eh-eh-ehs
Look it says right here "stick a Tesla in your ear"
Writing on the desk
Time to take a test to see what I know-oh-oh-oh
And as I sit here ready to start
I hope I've learned enough

Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
I pull out of my head
Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
I'm hanging by a thread

B-field density magnetic propensity
Maxwell stands with Gauss
Faraday the law of induction, oh-oh-oh-oh
Then there's Ampere's law, now my nerves are getting raw
All these I must learn (These things you must learn)
A good grade I must earn for my mind to grow-oh-oh-oh
And if I ever figure them out
It will not be too soon

Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
I know inside my head
Bang, bang, Maxwell's four equations
I'll keep them 'til I'm dead

The line about "stick a Tesla in your ear" is literally true. It was graphiti written on a desk in the room where I took a college physics course.

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit