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I stopped around Ohm's law and the mystical sign of two fingers and thumb that describe current and magnetic field direction. This is one reason I got a biology degree in college: No Maxwell equations, no quantum mechanics, and no foreign language requirements.

I did manage an A in Calculus 1. That was fun.

Boy did you miss out on some torture! If I knew i would have to take 3 semesters of Calculus, Linear algebra, regular differential equation, and the prerequisite partial differential equations for a Chem Major I would have had second thoughts. But I fooled them as they didnt check to see if I took the partials course!
It was very challenging to self teach the partial differential along with the Quantum Mechanics, based completely on partials!
Fortunately Cambodia happened and all grades were pass fail, and was still touch and go! I think they took mercy and gave me a gentleman's P!
I have remained uncertain about most things ever since!
I did catch myself trying to use my left hand on the right hand rule problem while taking the MCAT exam, because the number 2 pencil was in the right hand.

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