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I've always thought "chain me to some concrete blocks, and dump me off the end of the pier" sounded good. Let the crabs recycle me.

Out with a bang, not a nibble, Burial by Trebuchet the only way to go

This macabre scenario was a classic of Northern Exposure! It was Chris who built it, and originally planned on flinging a cow, but for humane reasons, flung and upright piano to the tune of Blue Danube, very moving.

The trebuchet was then repurposed for the Burial of his long frozen friend, after the ice had broken up. This touching and very moving scene was totally ruined by copyright infringement problems. as the original casket scene was launched to Procol Harum's greatest hit, A Whiter Shade of Pale, but is no longer available, I've looked! Substituting any other tune ruins the artistic tone completely!
Frankly AWSOP, as its refereed to by Procolites or Harumies was overplayed overshadowing some great classic works. I'm partial to Repent Walpurgis, A Christmas Camel, and the upbeat Something Following Me, and the catchy She Wandered Through the Garden Fence.

There have since many wannabe flingers like burning man, where they set the piano on fire before flinging. Nice flame trails though!

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