There were so many favorites in various categories that its hard to pick a favorite, but easy to pick the most bizarre!
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, bizarre enough already, but they opened with "my Boyfriend's Back" wearing pink tutus! Bringing up the consideration of excessive alteration crazy

The favorite concert I almost saw was standing in line for Otis Redding in Madison Wi. when they came out and announced he had crashed into the lake and died.

Second most favorite missed concert was the Who, when I was at a transplant workshop in Las Vegas, and fortuitously the Who were performing their first show of the 2002 USA tour. Unfortunately, Entwistle, 57, had too much fun the night before with a groupie stripper and cocaine, and woke up dead! It Gave me more time to study histocompatibility, OH BOY!

Not as much fun as Iron Butterfly in Central Park that was easy to find by auditory guidance!

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