I lived with my wife for 10 years before she went to vet school, so I know what she likes and doesn't like VERY well. She's pathologically shy of other men, never gets drunk, never goes to bars, on and on. Practically Amish. And having sexy-times once a month was fine with her after 10 years of being together. She was 32 when she entered vet school, not 22.

Passing board exams in vet school or med school, technically lets you go setup a general practice. Almost nobody does that now. They all either go to work for an established general practice, or get into a residency program if they can, so they can get board certified for specialties. Typically they don't have the million dollars needed to go independent.

Often the top of the class will go on and get a PhD and go into academia. My wife apprenticed in a well-established small animal practice for a couple of years, and then entered a pathology program at Purdue. She was far freer than most of her classmates because she had no debt.