My Niece got her degree at Penn. It may be harder to get into Vet school than Med Stool!
And, probably more expensive than Med School.
For those entering veterinary school in the US in the fall of 2018, the estimated total cost of attendance (tuition+fees+ average living expenses), for four years ranges from $148,807 to $407,983. Your cost will depend on your state of residency or choice to pursue a private veterinary school education.

Adding insult to injury, vets are not payed anything close to physicians, even very bad ones! So it would take even longer to dig out of school debt.

While on the subject, you previously referenced the USMLE exam for getting Med License. As I mentioned before, passing this exam is a VERY low hurdle, and most Medical Educators, who are actually MDs think that the USMLE has had a deleterious effect on medical education.
The reason that it is so pernicious is that it leads weaker schools and students to: Teach to the USMLE as a primary goal, rather than get a good medical education, and incidentally pass the USMLE, which, have I mentioned is a low hurdle!
This has generated a whole market of books, courses, flash card with bullet points. Students may use these to brush up for the exam, but they tend to emphasize correlation rather than causation.
For a exaggerated example, they may know that diabetes and coronary disease are related, but may think coronary disease causes diabetes.
I will paste in a link to USMLE study guides. Who needs Med School if you buy these and pass the exam?

USMLE INDUSTRY Scroll down to see the extent of the problem!

University students have already played into this market while trying to get INTO medical school by getting high scores on another barrier to education, the dreaded MCAT medical college admission test, similar to the LCAT for Law Stool!! Damn bad bad CATS!
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And, the MCAT a much larger market for students wanting to get INTO med School, compared to the USMLE for students wanting to get OUT of med school!

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