" Donald J Trump is none of that Trump is a pathetic, weak, loser and incompetent dumbass who has been like that his entire life"

Its True - Trump is a loser and has destroyed virtually anything he has ever touched. I am not convinced he is stupid, however. I think his problems happen because his brain is sick and probably very tired. I don't think he is pathetic as that would infer I should feel sorry for him - I don't. I am not convinced he is weak and almost half the electorate would agree with that. I can, however, can agree that he is a loser and incredibly incompetent. He is also, quite possibly, the greatest gaslighter of all time (he knows how to lie).

Still, passing a tax on the rich, based on what Trump wanted, would be, I think a great idea for Biden in his ongoing efforts to integrate politics. I would think this Trump Tax would almost win Biden the votes of those currently supporting our National Gasbag!