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I may have misquoted the spelling of the Dooda room, as it is more likely Doo-Dah room. In my defense, there may not be actual notarized transcripts of all Firesign Theater purformances!
Who Am Us Anyway?
What do the following lines have in common?

"Why he's no fun, he fell right over."
"But it's really great s***, Mrs. Kresge."
"The department of redundancy department."
"Let's bend a couple in the Doo-Dah Room."
"You must mean the Old Same Place."
"What's all this brou-ha-ha?"
"May I take your hat and goat?"
"I don't care about your private life or what his name is."
"What's the bird's-eye low-down on this caper? Whatever that means."
"I ought to beat your brain out!"
"Rocky Rococo at your cervix."

we could start a thread for all those ex-stoners out there, who used to mainly communicate using Firesign phrases, if ya get my drift...

But everyone called her "Nancy".

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