Heavens to Betty Jo Bialosky, there is a transcript!
Holy serpent mound

One of my favorites still comes up when needed, here in large font! So clever, perfect timing, and right purty too!

WAGON BOSS: We get better reception that way! Do you mind if I put this antenna up on yonder peak?
INDIAN: That's our Sacred Mountain.
WAGON BOSS: This is our Sacred Antenna! It's shaped like a cross! Made out of aluminum. Er-got any aluminum?
INDIAN: We've still got some corn left.
PIONEER: Hey! Corn! Now we can make whisky!
ANOTHER PIONEER: We've been waitin' hundreds o' years for this!
THIRD PIONEER: Say! I just invented a Tom Collins!
WAGON BOSS: Here, Indian! Ya want some firewater?
INDIAN: No. We were warned by our Elders not to drink anything that would make us weak or silly.
WAGON BOSS: (laughs) Put in their well!
INDIAN: That's not a well. It's the Eye of the Holy Serpent Mound, on which your standing.
WAGON BOSS: It's a beaut'!
INDIAN: No, it's a mound.
WAGON BOSS: And right purty, too!
er- can ya' move it?

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