I've only been living in the Pacific Northwest for 6 years now. Lived in Portland for 22 months. Southern Puget Sound the rest of the time.

It only snows like one, two days a year. 2020 there was no snow at all. Then again 2020 was a crappy year for everybody. I really like when it snows.

Anyway, this past weekend is the most snow I have ever experienced. It's been fun - 'cept for that one moment on Friday night I slipped like a cartoon character and landed on my back because there was an orange diamond-shaped road sign lying flat on the ground that was covered in snow and I forgot that it was there and slipped. The sign is a remnant from when the new building across the street was being constructed. The construction people just left the sign behind and it's been lying flat on the ground ever since. Hmm

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