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Keweenaw County (Houghton, Hancock, Calumet) Michigan Snowfall...159.5 inches so far this season and that's about 75 inches less than last year on this date.


Hi Bob,
If you actually live in Keweenaw, let me welcome you as a native Badger to Wisconsin! Thats not just Upper, it's Upper Upper Upper Michigan/Wisconsin!
Bucky Badger welcomes you to Wisconsin
Art the TAT

Why Isn't The UP Part Of Wisconsin?
A Fight Over 500 Square Miles Could Have Handed The Upper Peninsula To Wisconsin. Does That Matter?
By Laura Pavin
Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 4:00pm

Michiganders likely werent too happy when the Wisconsin Badgers beat several of its football teams last year; its Upper Peninsula, however, took it in stride at least its unofficial Twitter account did.

"Its official, I belong to Wisconsin now," the Tweet read, after rattling off the scores. The account even changed its name to the "Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin."

Intriguing, and perhaps the tip of an iceberg of discontent between the UP and its mitten counterpart. The Twitter account has since changed its description a number of times, from the "Upper Peninsula of 🤷‍♀️" to the "Upper Peninsula of America."

Whats the deal? Geographically, the UP is only connected to the Lower Peninsula by a bridge. With Wisconsin, it shares more than 200 miles of border.

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