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Hi Bob,
If you actually live in Keweenaw, let me welcome you as a native Badger to Wisconsin! Thats not just Upper, it's Upper Upper Upper Michigan/Wisconsin!
Bucky Badger welcomes you to Wisconsin
Art the TAT

Why Isn't The UP Part Of Wisconsin?
A Fight Over 500 Square Miles Could Have Handed The Upper Peninsula To Wisconsin. Does That Matter?
By Laura Pavin
Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 4:00pm

I read that article. I did not know any of that happened until today. smile

...from the article:

Linguistics experts say accents from the two localities share key features, like the long "o." People from the areas also tend to say "dem," "dere" and "dose" instead of "them," "there" and "those." And some Yoopers and Wisconsinites deploy something called Canadian raising in their speech. That means saying words like "about" and "out" like "uh-BOOT" and "OOT."

It also turns out the accents found in the UP and Wisconsin are more similar than those found in Michigans Lower Peninsula.

Given the linguistics and the 200 miles of land border with Wisconsin, I vote for the UP to be part of Wisconsin as well. laugh

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