HI BC Bob,
I see and hear from your homepage that you like many of us are rekindling our musical interests, with no reason whatever to avoid practicing from lack of free time!

I rebuilt my Mother's baby grand and started up piano again. The concert band broke up with the plague, so my recidivist French horn playing took a dive, making me realize that much of my practice was motivated by avoidance of public humiliation!

My daughter abandoned an electronic keyboard, a couple of electric guitars and a bass with amps, when she moved abroad, 10 miles away, so I have been fiddling with them. The cats really enjoy this but from an undisclosed location!

I recall an image of yours surrounded by guitars of all types, and am wondering if you have gotten the band back together on multitracks, or where your musical talent have taken you?

I tried soothing the neighborhood's covid anxiety with front porch keyboard renditions of Amazing Grace and Nearer my God to Thee, but they we not cheered! grin

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit