Cost of Dementia Care

Cost of dementia 2030

The cost of dementia care will double from 2020 to 2030 to $2,000,000,000/year!
We prolong "life" of those who dont know who or where they are, as long as someone is making money off of that "care". Some insensitive physicians refer to these facilities as vegetable bins, and the patients are classified as having positive fly signs, meaning that they have their mouths open with flies wandering in and out.

My modest proposal, that I have already activated for myself, is a dead-man switch. I have contracted with a cheap hitman, it should be an easy job, to come and kill me by "accident" if I dont send in my life prolongation postcard every year on my birthday. I may want to add a late card, phone confirmation clause, as I have never been very good at timely paperwork, or a thirty day late waiting period.

But seriously, if there are objections from, lets say, White evangelicals, who love the brain dead, we should allow their churches to fully sponsor care for the demented of color. Who could object to that?

We elderly have met the problem, and it's us, but we may not remember it!
Swiftly yours

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