Doctors bring the fight to anti-vaxxers online

Too many health care workers have died needlessly because of covid disinformation, and they are mad and not going to take it anymore, particularly from malicious AntiVaxers. They are organizing effectively to combat the massive social networking of the AntiVax threats!

Doctors and nurses trying to build confidence in Covid-19 vaccines on social media are mounting coordinated campaigns to combat anti-vaccination forces prevalent on those platforms.

At the same time, public health groups are mobilizing a global network of vaccine advocates to come to their aid when they are attacked online by activists, who closely monitor certain hashtags and keywords. The groups use monitoring software to swiftly identify online attacks, then tap their networks to flood social media posts with supportive messages countering vaccine opponents.

“It’s turning into a military campaign, in terms of how we have to treat the opposition,” said Sunny Jha, a Houston anesthesiologist who organized the #ThisIsOurShot campaign, through which thousands of health care workers have shared their own experiences getting Covid-19 vaccines. “As a new group we had to kind of be smart about how exactly we strategize.”

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