Hi Shurly,
I have been within 14.7 miles from Dodge many time as all of wife's relatives are buried in Gallesville, and her Grandparents lived in Gallesville forever, untill they moved to permanent location!
There is a lot of Blue out there, but maybe your daughters politics are less related to previous yellow offerings to the gods,it might be a new mutation! Does her mother have any recessive blue genes, from parents?
My wife's father offered her a car if she would go to UW Lacrosse in late 60s rather than go down to Sin City (Madison) where he went to school and remembered. She figured if he was offering a car to prevent it it must be worth a try, grin even if she had to rub "elbows" with pinko, commie, hippie, out of state aggiTATors! He got used to it, after my parents bribed us with a car to get married, instead of living together!

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit