It seems as if a lot of black folks are having problems taking the vaccine due to the The Tuskegee Syphilis Study of the 30's. Its unfortunate and it was a long time ago. They seem be be determined to re-hash that which happened a long time ago. Now, apparently, whitey has decided to feel guilty and is working very hard to get them to take the vaccine and they seem to be working just as hard not to. I have some problems with folks who don't want to take the vaccine because of this or that. I also don't understand why they just done give all the teachers the vaccine. Just give it to them and then they will stop being angry about it. Right now there is not enough vaccine to go around (but there is more coming every day it seems).

Anyway, I am for just giving anybody who wants a shot to have one. That is apparently about a month away but more an more are getting the vaccine. Those that don't want to take the vaccines have to pay the price and that might be death. As I watch the black community talk about it I get more and more confused as much of what they are saying tends to infer that they are punishing whitey for all the bad things they did. The problem is that they are not really punishing whitey so much as themselves. Given, however, the simple fact that whenever there are vaccines there seems to be takers, even black takers.

The real problem, for most, is that much of the distributions are screwed up one way or another due to everything from gov to the weather. The gov thing is, I think, not helping and takes the thought that gov can't get anything right yet another step down a really bad path. I just wish gov would stop screwing around, quit the who gets what, when, and where, instead of just start getting everybody available for shots to get shots. After that gets done there will be lots of time to beat our breasts about bad things done almost a 100 years ago or more.

The black thing is unfortunate. My suspicion is that if gov just started giving shots to whoever wants them that a lot of them that don't want the shots now will probably change their minds once they see that nobody is dying from the shots. That, however, isn't going to happen until a lot more get the vaccine.

I apologize if I have offended over this - its not what I intended.