My bad? How bad?
My clear error in assigning Rush a Dante level of a mere 6, was based on outdated Satanic Christian Religiosity Obscenity Tribunal Universalist Suckrelig SCROTUS mandates demanding maximum inhellations appropriate to the WORST offenses, that applied Christian values to account for lack of contrition, repentance, and the willful sinfullness and profitable hypocrazy, ie,:
If you're a hypocrite,
and you know it,
crap your soul!...

Review of offenses reassigned Rush to Level 8, without the usual amenities for those in the warm up batter box to level 9, including but not limited to whorederves! No little minions taking appetizer orders asking: For you sir, Judas Escargo tartar du jour, or bottomless (eat all you're Abel) Trojan Priamism foreskin crepes with Ptolomanea sauce.... But I digress, but have added 4.... as there seem to be period inflation lately!!
TAT the judgmental

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit