So that's why dialysis patients die. Much more complicated than I thought.

I have a weird condition where I often have sugar in my urine, but I never have a positive A1C. If I eat a lot of sugar, my kidney's seem to piss it out very efficiently. This has always been the case, from childhood. I have a familial history of diabetes. I also have peripheral afferent neuropathy (numb feet) from myelin degeneration.

My neurologist says neuropathy is not a symptom of my MS. Is it possible to have diabetic neuropathy without a positive A1C? Or do I just have an autoimmune reaction to myelin?

To top that off, my wife has an undiagnosed (or rather multiple different diagnoses) autoimmune condition against maybe connective tissue? Maybe against something else?

There is a possibility that both of our problems are the same unknown pathogen since she was a Veterinary Pathologist and could have been exposed to something weird that I caught. Her problem could be an unknown parasite since artemisia seems to help her cyclic episodes.