Cool! So I already have that capability without the expensive prescription.

it's the long term elevation of serum glucose that causes all the problems to, vascular, renal, and nerves

I was hoping that was the case, but sometimes what we hope for is not the total situation.

On another good news topic, I like to watch TWIV (This Week In Virology) on YouTube. Once a week they hear from Dr. Griffin who is a honcho of docs treating Covid-19 patients every day. This week he mentioned the benefits of treating admitted patients with 25(OH)-Vitamin D, as discussed by the Spanish trials. He also mentioned this later when he was discussing GPs treating Covid19 outpatients instead of just sending them home to isolate until they either get better or worse and need hospitalization.

He also said people who get vaccinations and soon after discover they have been exposed right around that time, tend to do better than those who don't get vaccinations. So immunity may not begin much before 14 days post vaccination, but apparently just giving your immune system a few days jump on it's response is useful.

Some do that now with people bitten by rabid animals on the extremities, since the immune system can be faster than the rabies virus getting into the central nervous system. Facial bites are more urgent. They require quick treatment with antibodies.