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As long as we are already debating wormholes, quantum chromodynamics, and differentiating between beauty and bottom, one can only hope that further discussions of tops and bottoms does not get sucked into black holes, whose mysteries can only be penetrated by a large HADRON...

The bottom quark or b quark, also known as the beauty quark, is a third-generation heavy quark with a charge of −1/3 e.

All quarks are described in a similar way by electroweak and quantum chromodynamics, but the bottom quark has exceptionally low rates of transition to lower-mass quarks. The bottom quark is also notable because it is a product in almost all top quark decays, and is a frequent decay product of the Higgs boson.

Guff seems to be the path forward, upward and onward, vs downward and backword...

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