Musk plan to obstruct Astronomers

Clearly Musk's satellite fleet is designed to take over the sky, think alien's checkmate in Independence
Day. The flavor/gambit of this checkmate is unclear, but this will be able to block astronomers by shining a bright light in their faces. Check out the string of satellites in the link! The purpose, other than global domination, is to prevent astronomers from noticing the approach of the Mutha Shipt to pick him up and return him to his rightful throne as Galactic Emperor!

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QATAT shameon blush

Latency, a measure of how long it takes your internet signal to travel to space and back, will also drop to around 20ms this year, Musk added. That would be a validation of the company's strategy of launching its satellites into low-Earth orbit, which reduces the distance that those signals need to travel. That strategy has also raised red flags with astronomers worried about obstructions to night sky visibility, which is something SpaceX has been working to address with updates to its satellite design.

Astronomers complaints and display

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