This morning I had the TV on for a few hours. It was the live broadcast of the House investigation into the riot of 1/6 and it was very strange. They had all the guys in charge (maybe) that quit after it happened. There were, amongst others, two police chiefs as well as other. Throughout the questioning not one of the politicians asking the questions never asked a simple question which may have answered all the others. The question goes something like; "Was there anybody in charge?"

Amazing! Not once! After a couple of hours of that I just turned it off. It became pretty obvious, early on, that NOBODY was in charge! There was a plethora of bosses - but nobody was in charge! There was a lot of stuff like who told who what, when and how and they couldn't even get that one right! What gets even more interesting is that apparently everybody seemed to keep phone records and even recordings if this and that but - NOBODY WAS IN CHARGE! They spent hours explaining stuff but NOBODY WAS IN CHARGE!

On reflection I suspect this is the way we run our government - NOBODY IS IN CHARGE! Its REALLY time for a new Hoover commission! There are OVER 141,000 members of the civil service in Washington, D.C. I am beginning to wonder if anybody is really in charge.

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