As someone who is actually a California electric utility ratepayer, I have to tell you it's nowhere near Texas Fiasco-style. Power companies have to get rate increases approved well in advance by the Public Utility Commission, so there are zero "1000%+ rate surprise increases" like they just had in Texas.

They do have to shut down some transmission lines in very windy places, when there are high winds. But they will not shut down power to high fire risk areas, like my property. We do have blackouts, like everywhere on Earth, when some idiot cuts an underground power line, crashes a plane into high voltage transmission lines, etc. Or on a more local scale, runs their car into a utility pole.

Most places actually have more than one set of lines coming from different directions. That's why it's called a grid! We can also import power from the entire Western grid, if we need to. And a large number of us have backyard or rooftop solar, so we feed power into the grid when the sun shines. I just looked up my inverter management webpage and I produced 30.35 KWHours yesterday. That's a lot more than I use. SDG&E currently owes me about $98, and that's coming out of winter!