Cannot resist. My electricity is transferred to me from Grand Coulee Dam almost 500 miles away. They also transfer electricity from there all the way down to California. That being said the lines that transfer the power rarely have any problems, winter or summer, because they were set up, and maintained, properly. Now, however, dams are being attacked all the time to save the salmon. This, in spite of the simple fact that salmon cannons can transfer salmon over dams with little cost (salmon cannon are long tubes of plastic with water in them). Where I live they actually took out a dam. They figured it would cost a couple of million to do the job. They spent something like a billion before they were done AND IT WAS UNNECESSARY!

Anyway, if we get rid of dams then we will really need to have some small nuclear reactors to make electricity. They have been working on these for a long time. In theory they can build a factory to make them and deliver them by truck. They are also flat out safe (they cannot melt down, for instance) and they can be buried as well. In theory they will need to be dug up and replaced about every 20 years or so. Other than that they just sit and produce electricity wherever its needed (they can also create . These reactors are now being investigated and built by the United States, Canada, South Africa, Russia, India, UK, Argentina, etc. If this ever happens it will be the end of transferring electricity hundreds of miles as you can have one in your own town to provide power. You can google "small nuclear reactor" for info on this. There is also talk that solar might be cheaper. This, of course, depends of getting sunlight. Where I live we have sun in the summer, not so much in the winter. Small nuclear reactors can also be used for desalinization and making hydrogen.

I am not, incidentally, for the giant windmills. They are expensive to maintain, not always reliable, kill a LOT of birds, and almost took out the entire Grand Coulee Dam electrical grid as windmill power is not always steady or smooth.

Just saying...........