As a kid, I recall the amazing salmons runs in the rivers and creeks of the upper Salmon River watershed. It would look like you could walk across on their backs, there were so many. 900 miles from the mouth of the Columbia. We spent hours one day watching those magnificent creatures jumping and swimming up Dagger Falls on the Middle Fork (my dream vision is that it was 20' high - they would try over and over again, finally leaping from the whitewater churn below the falls into a thread of solid water extending down eight or ten feet before it disintegrating into more whitewater (full of air).

Perhaps ten years later, the Idaho Fish and Game dynamited the falls to make passage easier for the dwindling numbers of fish, exhausted and emaciated (they don't eat after they leave the ocean) from the swim that now took many times longer due to the god dam obstacles that we humans had put in their way for our unthinking convenience and greed.

Cheap and clean electricity, MY ASS!! Fish cannons, what a delusional joke...

(Now I'm pissed off, need to find some kittens puppies babies to drown...) mad

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