Now dont they have to stock it upriver with Salmon, so they will know where to come home to?

Mutha Nature showed where the Columbia Bonneville dam should be located. Bonneville landslide was not ancient


In about 1450, an immense landslide tumbles off Table Mountain in Skamania County and completely blocks the Columbia River, shoving it a mile off course. A lake forms behind the dam extending as far as 100 miles. The river will eventually breach the dam causing a 100-foot-deep flood downstream and creating the Cascades rapids. This is the most recent of four documented slides in the 14-square-mile Cascade Landslide Complex and will be called the Bonneville Landslide.

It is unknown if there were any human casualties of the cataclysm, but the creation of The Cascades was a boon to Native Americans. The rapids made the location ideal for catching salmon during the summer runs and became central to the local economy. The floods also created extensive sandy beaches downstream.

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