Jash hawley posed with closed fist waving in encouragement! That, I think, makes him responsible and should get his. Same with all the other elected who have, right out loud (one way or another) supported anti democratic, racist, stuff have the opportunity to stand up and defend themselves. I can only wonder how Josh explains the waving fist of support for all to see. Its a little like the idiot who stole the Pelosi reading thing (forget the name) and then made sure that the TV camera got his smiling picture of the theft. These people are not real bright!

It might be a thought for the Democrats to find those willing to go after those who claim to represent them whilst toothing the Trump horn as the whole damned bunch of them are anti-constitution folk, who are constantly claiming righteousness whilst attacking the nation. Being represented by such would not make me happy and, I suspect, there are many in that same camp.

Its kinda interesting. The Republicans are stressing how evil and bad the Democrats are and ignore most policies, etc. The Democrats, on the other hand, tend to stress policies and stuff. This dawned on me just the other night for no reason but it seems to be how things are. I have friends who are Trump true believers. When they claim something I now ask them what the basis for the thought is. My Trumpist friends no longer make claims around me.

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