One of the Capital invaders appeared before a judge the other day as his prosecution began, and his lawyers claimed he was just following the President's orders. The judge shut down that excuse immediately. He told the moron that HE was responsible for his criminal actions. Sounds like somebody is going to jail to me!

The FBI is spending a huge amount of time and money, for something that is not going to send anybody to jail. Maybe under Bill Barr, but there's a new sheriff in town. And yes, even White, rich people go to prison for stuff like tax fraud, loan fraud, fraudulent college admission schemes, etc.

Hawley's voters may support him, but they are not judges or juries. Last time I checked voter popularity in Missouri had no effect on a Washington DC federal jury. BTW, DC has more Black people than White people. 76% of the registered voters are Democrats. So juries are not likely to be favorable to Republican extremists who came from other states and try to disrupt the government.