The mainstream media, at least on the commie channel, seem to have come up with a consensus about reefering to who has come before Biden..The most common reference is to: "The former guy" that seems cumbersome to me! Clearly we need an appropriate, or preferably an inappropriate ACRONYM.

Former _____ Guy !

Round up the usual vowels to make it pronounceable.

A arshole, no good for LBGTQ PR
E Expunged no good as FEG doesn't have connotations
I Ignornanus FIG insulting to a harmless fruit
O Ogre FOG appropriate but insufficiently offensive
U Un- you name it, FUG! I think we have a winner, only insulting to the FUGS, who on second thought would likely approve!

I'm open to editorial input, for the best U-word, but I nominate FUG! Maybe it will catch on like the honorific Santorum!


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