Nevertheless their threats have forced the congress out of the capitol building, and maybe the district, which will certainly be regarded, by them, as symbolic success. I regard it as a symbolic failure, but what do I know about capitol defense? Capital management yes, Capitol management no idea.
I suppose, though I'm sure that for security reasons,nobody will discuss Capitol and White House security systems.
Clearly the Capitol was poorly equipped to deal with mod violence.
We and the Israelis have developed defensive systems for missiles and anti-mortar defenses. Mortars can launch 20-30 rounds per minute, with a range of several miles, and cam be launched from trucks etc. It would be quite PR, and physical disaster scene for these building to come under a concerted attack from several directions. It is, as we have learned, difficult to fight asymmetrical warfare against martyrs.

I assume that there are will be intense coverage by surveillance aircraft and satellites, and abundant attack choppers to take out identified attackers. Naturally this will leave softer targets more susceptible, and that the Wakolike whackos are well aware of this situation. How long can congress and WH stay on Red Alurt? The WH was previously somewhat protected by the presence of FUG, but no longer!

If the whackjobs dont do something today there will be many very disappointed White supremacist, and may melt away if there in a major misQ. The true believers know this too, so stay tuned.


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