Wife has been holding out for J & J vaccine, because she is very reactive to foreign stuff. She wanted a one-shot. She heard California is giving all their J & J vaccine to field workers and the homeless, for logistic reasons so she gave up. She timed it perfectly! Literally 10 minutes later I had a Pfizer vaccine appointment for her tomorrow. She also only wanted to go to two of the county's drive-up sites, but they were all full. Got her an appointment at one of our health care group's suburban sites, which turns out to be a drive-up! We had no idea is was not walk-in until we already made the appointment and received the detailed instructions.

I get my second Moderna shot on Sunday, after being rescheduled twice. They keep on running out. I'll be part of the involuntary five week cohort, which is fine with me. Certainly not going anywhere until about 7 weeks from now, after my wife has good immunity.