How did the first use of the nuclear option, setting the precedence for it use play out in the long term for Reid and company? Kavanaugh, Barrett.

Nothing really wrong with Kavanaugh or Barret. Unless you're a hyper-partisan.

The country being jerked from far left to far right to far left again.

Wrongo, mate! The country gets jerked back and forth within the narrow confines of a centrist worldview, never moving right or left. Removing the filibuster will allow both parties more freedom to implement their agendas. Voters will determine later whether these agendas are acceptable or not. When one party over-reaches they will be removed from power...witness the 2020 election...when an autocratic ruler was defeated and sent packing. Despite Republicans coming out in record numbers to support him.

Ideally, once government is given the freedom to govern rather than being hobbled by an archaic and inefficient "rule", then voters will choose which direction they want to go.

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