The more I think about it, the more I believe the filibuster is unconstitutional. According to that document, senate decisions are all decided by simple majorities with the VP breaking ties. The only supermajorities in it are about impeachment conviction and restoring the right to hold office after insurrection. Seems to me any law that declares the senate vote should work differently, should be voided. And the filibuster is not even based on a law! It's just a "gentlemen's agreement". Since "gentlemen" seem to be quite absent from the congress anymore, it's time to jettison it.

It doesn't matter if Democrats keep it out of fear Republicans will retaliate later if they hold the majority: Because Republicans are willing to do anything legal (or even illegal) if it benefits them. Some time in the future, if they need to dump it to pass a bill, they will in a second. McConnell refusing to give Garland a hearing proved that.