I think I've mastered the six inch tortilla press. My tortillas have gotten better over the past few weeks since I bought it. I've discovered a few things by trial and error:

1. Get the right consistency. The masa has to stick together well but not be at all lumpy. If it's too dry, sprinkle in a little more water. It does tend to dry out as you make balls.
2. Use thick plastic, like a cut up food storage bag on each side of the dough. Wax paper is lousy.
3. Make the right size balls for your press. If you are squishing out too much around the edges, your balls are too big. If the pressed tortilla does not come to the edge of the press, they are too small. You want plastic, dough, and then plastic if that is not obvious. Put a ball down on the lower plastic so it's toward the hinge side of the press. Then put the top plastic on it and squish it down so it's somewhat flat.
4. Don't press too hard. The tortilla thickness should come out uniform.
5. Peel off the top layer of plastic bag. Then pick up the tortilla with the dough facing your palm. Then peel off the bottom layer of plastic carefully.
6. Toss the raw tortilla into the pan without touching the pan. If you do it right, the tortilla dough does not wrinkle or fold.
7. Keep your pan hot but not smoking. You will probably have to turn gas on and off to keep it that way because each tortilla has such little mass. Induction with a fixed temperature would be better.
8. Wait 30-45 seconds to flip it. It should hold together and slide nicely across the pan if you cooked it long enough.
9. Wait 30 to 45 seconds to flip it again. If it's cooked enough it looks much whiter than the raw dough. If cooked to long, it starts to brown.
10. Profit!