I honestly think hundreds of the most deluded Trumpers getting convicted and going to federal prison for their little insurrection is going to make that political stance a lot less popular over the next year. I also think some members of congress are going to get booted for their actions supporting the insurrection. It's one thing to vote for insurrection. It's another to give insurrectionists reconnaissance tours of the capital.

So I think lots of folks are going to back their insanity down to being a private thing. I see the feds are going after The Proud Boys in a big way. Hopefully, some neo-nazis and KKK-types will crawl back under their rocks.

As for anti-vaxxers, those folks are going to have to deal with their families deaths, their disabled kids, their guilt over killing Grandma, their long Covid symptoms, etc. for the rest of their lives. The rest of us will help pay for the kids medical costs. And then they all burn in hell for eternity when they die. What's not to like? Sounds reasonable to me.