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ReaderRant RoundTable
Spring of 2021

A new political day is dawning...

The political intrigue is thick in DC, as it seems likely the spoken filibuster will return.

Historic shifts in power are underway.
Biden is popular and doing everything right.
The takeover of the postal service is underway...
But problems are brewing at the border! Too many, too fast.
The system isn't ready for them and must continue to turn them back. This is no shining city on the hill, but it might one day be...
President Biden's tumble up the steps of the Numero Uno Aircraft can likely be explained by steep aircraft steps...it's a matter of stair standards and muscle memory...
Cool thing was how he was able to run up those steps at all...!
The tide is turning on the pandemic.
White supremacy is getting the drubbing it deserves after yet another incel goes rogue.

The republican party is in turmoil as its base becomes more extreme.

Donald Trump is gone and the world is a brighter place.