Its odd. Everybody seems to be getting their shots slightly differently. We got ours back in January (Moderna) We got in line, we were asked pertinent questions and then went in where there were folks directing us to where to go next (we had to answer more question, then directed to smaller lines to get the shot, etc), after we got our shots we had to sit down for about 15 minutes to make sure we wouldn't have a problem and then went to a table to filled out the little card and sent us on our way. Oh, the little card also had the date, and time, for us to return to get the last shot. (if there was a problem with the date or time of the second shot we got to choose another date and time). It was, in other words, pretty simple. The entire operation was run by volunteers. My wife is deathly afraid of needles (have no idea why). She voiced her problem and she was told they would get her a "shot buddy" to hold help her. That consisted of holding her hand and telling her to look into the eyes of the 'buddy". She didn't even feel the shot and I got a LOT of humor out of the whole thing (who ever even heard of a "shot buddy"?). Our town has almost 30% of the town vaccinated.

As an aside I should also mention that one of our Indian bands has access to a lot of vaccine for some reason. They are now giving anybody who wants a vaccination, regardless of where they fall in who should go first. This is happening in Sequim, a small town about 15 miles away. They don't care where you are from, who you are, or anything else. If you want a shot go on down!