I use google multiple times a day to look up word spelling or the names I block on. I do remember what I'm looking for, but the name escapes me temporarily. The way I look at it, is that computers are more and more auxiliary storage for my brain. Fine with me. I have experienced tons of stuff not worth primary memory storage. Secondary storage (like google) is fine.

I think a lot of the American public is going to be doing that more and more in the future. So many people have brain problems from Long Covid now, it's sad. This may be one of the most common symptoms, and most of these victims had asymptomatic cases. So they may not even be aware they had it. It's not like young athletes who can't run up and down the soccer pitch for a whole game any more.

I can still do Level 6 Sodokus, so my logic is working fine. Taking 3.5 mg Melatonin every night, so I'm getting a lot more sleep than I used to. But I have to google for "Melatonin" every time I want to name it! Maybe it's just swiss cheese brain from my MS.