First tinnitus, that really doesn't have much to do with hearing - folks just assume that is the case as it seems it does. You can google that one.

When you start to do something, and then forget you what you were going to do its not that you forgot what you were doing. What happened is that you lost your train of thought because you were somehow interrupted. This is something that happens when you get older - you can no longer do several things at the same time and you are blaming your memory. All being said, however, it really makes no difference.

A few years ago I bought myself a digital voice recorder and carry it everyplace. If I see, hear, or think of something that I want to remember I tell my recorder and, later, it tells me what I recorded. That works for me. Digital voice recorders are cheap. Lots of them on EBAY for the right price.

Smoking will just wreck your lungs, not your memory. After I got stuck with stuff like bi-pap machines, etc. I quit smoking ANYTHING! Got myself a magical butter machine and solved that one <G> I also learned something. When you have lung problems - you have lung problems for the rest of your life and there is no going back. I quit over 20 years ago and still have problems from smoking. I tried to quit smoking about 10,000 times and failed. I read all about it. If you can quit for 2 weeks the only other thing you have to beat is the habit which is also not real easy. To do the 2 week thing I went to a doctor and whined about my throat (forget what I said). The doctor peered in and decided that the best thing to do was to take everything out of my throat that isn't really necessary. I still had my tonsils, that thing that hang down from the top of the throat, etc. After that I couldn't eat anything but soup for two weeks and was not interested in smoking either (it was a miserable two weeks but I survived). I know that all sounds a bit insane. On the other side I got smoking under control (no more smoking) and didn't miss the stuff the doctor took out.