There is a kindofa strange thing developing. The over 65 crowd has done a pretty good job getting their vaccines. Now, however, we have a new covid that seems to be only attacking kids from grade school to less than 40. This is, pretty much, the same group that has been responsible for a lot of the rises in infections and now Covid seems to have targeted that same group. Given that they have, from the getgo, as a group, fought like hell over masks and vaccines they just may be on the cusp of their rewards. I saw on the news, last night, that Seattle hospitals are starting to get overwhelmed with long haulers (they have now banned that title as infers its a real problem, which it is!) Most of those haulers presenting were younger who had a quick, painless, acquaintance, with covid and are now experiencing a no fun acquaintance and they were, pretty much, infected before the new version happened. Now I wonder what happens if covid really goes to work on the younger crowd to the point where there are not many of the younger crowd around anymore and we get a society based on the elderly.

Just a thought (and kinda mean spirited at that)