Well, tomorrow I go in for the test. I will ask for antibody test as well. Probably won't get it but I can try. As far as quarantine is concerned I won't be changing from how I live which is one big quarantine for a long time (I am not real social). I have no symptoms. When I saw the friend who was infected I was wearing a mask and was at least 6 feet away. Both my wife and myself have had our shots and that was over a month ago. Neither of us have any signs. I am not real concerned.

I'll see how it works out tomorrow and then I will await the results with interest.

I'll tell you a little story. I live directly across from the community swimming pool. I can look down on them and see what is going on anytime I want. The swimming pool is a busy place and they have rules, etc. Some of them are along the stay separated/don't bunch up/etc. The fact is that they bunch up all the time, the kids play with each other and are also close. When the swim team is there they bunch up and get talked to. Basically, one would think that the swimming pool is a real center for infectious behavior. Neither my wife nor myself go to the pool, goto restaurants or bars - don't want any covid problems. However, all of that being said, as far as I can tell there has not been a single instance where anybody has been infected by going to the swimming pool. Oh, I should also mention that the pool does not smell of chemicals, including chlorine which one can't even smell (the rebuilt all of that, and the pool, just last year). Anyway, I have asked the county health folks how that can be and they had no answer, other than to say that, as far as they knew, there has been no problem with Covid and the pool. Somebody told me that the air, in the swimming pool kills all stuff covid (I have no idea what that is based on. I asked but got no answer/