You should have already received a notice from Social Security about Medicare. How large of a bite they take from your SS will depend on your income, which they already have.

The Medicare website, if you do not have it -

Every insurer in your area is going to be inundating you with information.

You should carry Medicare A and B, the others are if you need them, but you gota read and know your medical history. If your wife can carry you on her retired med ins good, between that and Medicare you could have ZERO Co-Pays for almost all visits, procedures, etc. She'll need to get the information book for the ins play...

You should make an appointment with SS as soon as possible and get on board, the penalty can hurt.

Welcome to the world of do nothing, at least according to Gen X'rs, Millennials and the Gen Zs.

Vote 2022!

Life is like a PB&J sandwich. The older you get, the moldery and crustier you get.

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