Yes, the private insurers have been heavily supporting the USPS in sending endless junk mail trying to sell us a Medicare Advantage plan, which is apparently a range of bundled Part A, B, C, D benefits in lieu of navigating the straight Medicare options. I heard part of a recent NPR story where the subject was 'Medicare Disadvantage', the interviewee being very much down on MA for reasons that I was not able to follow, given that I was in and out of hearing the program.

As I understand it, we are not currently subject to penalties for not enrolling immediately upon turning 65, because we have the employer provided BCBS group plan. However, that will cease when my wife retires, and we will have a limited penalty-free window to get enrolled.

Also, I have recently learned that I may qualify for some level of VA coverage, having served a brief (but not too brief) stint in the Navy in 1973 (5 months at the Naval Academy before escaping - with an honorable discharge). I never thought that counted, but we have a Vietnam Vets organization next door to the shop, and the head guy there encouraged me to look into it. It looks like more than 90 days service during the Vietnam 'conflict' is qualification for some level of VA medical benefits. So I have to figure out how to bake the best cake out of the available ingredients.

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